About Windare Pet

Grooming with WINDARE, you’ll never disappoint.

Devoting to scissors industry over three decades, WINDARE has been supporting groomers to accomplish various pet styling arts. As a sensitive designer, WINDARE analyzes every cut and posture from fingers to the arm to create excellent scissors – the amazing extended parts of hands which concretes groomers’ ideas into realities. 

WINDARE Silver Series – born for a rising star

WINDARE Silver series is created for groomers who just explore their lives in grooming world. On the way to sky, WINDARE Silver makes you sparkled.

WINDARE Rose Gold Series – a symbol of art and craft

WINDARE Rose Gold series is designed for skilled groomers to perform a more efficient cutting with higher removal.  Your craft vitalizes the art, and WINDARE Rose Gold concretizes your craft.

WINDARE Diamond Series – eternal glint of your passion
WINDARE Diamond series is created for supreme groomers who explore the journey on the top of grooming world. Nourished by your passion, WINDARE Diamond series illuminates every path you step and ignite your glamor.