About Windare Hairstyling

Have you ever heard about Twin Flames? 

Twin flame is the other half of your soul.

Twin flames share the same thought and ideology with each other They are mirrors that reflect true you. 

When being with your Twin Flames, there is no need of any disguise or painful restrain, but a totally relaxing and comfortable state. 

Scissors should be the Twin Flame of every hair stylist.

 It should be your closest partner that represents who you are and helps you to a higher level.

 Time to stop forcing yourself to adapt the wrong scissors.

How much precious time have been wasting on trails and error?

Windare Beauty have prepared a collection of professional scissors with different characters, one of them definitely will illuminate the path of your professional hair styling life.

King Of The Crowd.
Leo represents people who features brave, passionate and fearless.
Ideal for stylists enjoying powerful cutting and firm holding, creating boldest designs.  

Harmony Makes Perfection. 
You do not appreciate anything go extreme.
You believe harmony exist in the perfect balance of different elements.
Libra is designed under the same ideology. 
Without exaggerate outlook, the symmetric handle ideal for everyone and perform cutting elegantly. 

Art Of Delicate Precision 
You are the master of precision. 
Never get bored or tired of complicated tasks.
Slightest adjustment is your Ace to make hair design extraordinary.
WithVirgo will be your best assistant which provide excellent controllability and help you perform accurate and light movement  

Friends for everyone. 
Playful and intellectually curious, Gemini could always adapt themselves into any groups.  
Gemini is a scissors for every hair stylist.
Fit for almost every sizes of fingers with universal but carefully designed ergonomic structures.