About SHarpist

They are always the SHARPIST in the drawer. 

SHARPIST has provided cutting tools to professionals and industries for more than 40 years. The Sharpist™ program guarantees product features and program flexibility unmatchable by other brands at these price points. It also allows us to incorporate features demanded by professionals but rarely seen by consumers: Japanese surgical-grade steel, engraving, built-in cutting guides, triple-honed blades that are sharp to the tip and have a beautiful ‘run’, anti-microbial finishes and more.

Sharpist™ cuttery has no gimmicky features. Our unique idea is to offer at everyday prices the legendary Japanese steel and quality of construction you see at much higher price points. That’s why you’ll always reach for the Sharpist™ in the drawer! 

Sharpist Pro –Not Just Guaranteed. Guaranteed Sharp For Life.
The Sharpist™ Pro series features 56+ HRC surgical-grade steel and smart, handy inch/cm markings. EverGuard™ anti-microbial coating repels glues and gunk and also makes these shears appropriate for kitchen use. They’re the world’s first sexy scissors and they’re THE LAST PAIR YOU’LL EVER NEED TO BUY!

Sharpist Artist –Pretty. Smart! Your New Favorite Pair.
The Sharpist™ Artist series features 53-55 HRC surgicalgrade steel. Triple-honed and sharp to the tip…the quality of these cutters is guaranteed. The sure-slip silver-tinted satin finish enhances the smooth cutting process. A unique feature on the long blades:  affirmations in beautiful script for good thoughts and perfect gifting.